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Global Warranty Group (WG GROUP) National leader in Comprehensive Warranties (Serseguro, S.L. and Hiperservice, S.L.) was set up in 1991 to meet the needs of the integral management services for appliance repair, although their roots in the sector date back to 1976.

Our Group is the National management leader for Manufacturer Guarantee and has a high degree of participation in Extended Warranty, Management and Repair Policies for Home and Aftersales Consulting, based on the creation of high-performance multi-channel services for the end consumer.

Their goal is to contribute to the improvement of activities of telecoms operators, insurance companies, manufacturers, distributors, utilities, financial institutions, large organizations, and of course, consumers.

El WG GROUPis proud to count among its customers, key leaders in their respective sectors. Research and Development (R&D+:)) ongoing since the birth of WG GROUP has positioned the company as a benchmark for Quality, Innovation, Affordability and Excellence in Customer Loyalty and Aftersales Consulting in Spain and Portugal.

• Solutions and services •

WG GROUP has carried out an extensive definition of its business model, in order to offer a wide portfolio of services. We have an In-House Technical Laboratory department that lets our Front and Back Office to be in constant communication, helping to diagnose and evaluate upon first contact, avoiding increased costs and unnecessary disruptions to our customers and users.

We have a Logistics Department that maintains permanent and direct contact with manufacturers, allowing us to provide solutions to our customers in a more agile, economical and effective manner, thus avoiding stock-outs and higher component costs.

Moreover WG GROUP cooperates with manufacturers and distributors to foresee, anticipate and detect possible endemic or epidemic failures which positively impacts the handling of appliances.


· Manufacturer Warranty ·

Our Group is the National leader for Compulsory Legal Warranty management, our main volume being with major distributors and manufacturers. The WG GROUP s currently one of the main platforms for White Label management in the market. From the perspective of a Partner, WG GROUP stands out as the Integrated Management Technical Platform that combines Multi range Transversal Management knowledge and experience.

· Warranty Extensions ·

Offering customers the ability to add additional protection to the legal guarantee that each product has from the manufacturer.

  • Ranges

    White Range: Fridges, Washing Machines & Kitchen. Comfort Range: Air Conditioning units. Ivory Range: Computers and telecommunications. Brown Range: Audio Visual. PAE Range: Small appliances. Green Range: Machine Tools. Professional Devices

    Mobile Security

    Tracking Stolen Mobiles
  • Technical Help

    Remote Computer Assistance Computer Assistance at home Technology Assistance in the home Tracking Stolen Laptops Online Backup Data Recovery

    Double Guarantee

    Insurance for Mobile Devices

    deDamage and Theft Insurance Accidental Damage Insurance Screen and/or Display Damage Insurance

· Home Insurance Repairs Policy Management ·


We are established nation-wide (including the islands) and Portugal. Our network of Technical Assistance Services currently is made up of over 900 partners that cover the full range of consumer goods.

• Quality •

· Data Protection Act ·

The management database is located in the DataCenters of our provider, the system access is restricted, only authorized personnel can access, the information is handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act and the confidentiality of processing and handling data is guaranteed at all times under Article 60 of the Regulation implementing Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, passed by Royal Decree 1720/2007, of December 21, and in Article 12.2 from Royal Decree 428/1993 of March 26, in force and in accordance with the Third Transitional Provision of Law 15/1999.

· Contingency Plan ·

WG GROUP has a Disaster Recovery Plan that protects their activity as a Technical Platform in the event that all or part of the operations and computing services become inoperative. This Plan would minimize the disruption of operations and ensures a level of organizational stability and orderly recovery after a disaster.

· Confidentiality ·

WG GROUP undertakes to keep secret the information and data provided or entrusted to our staff or data that might become known as a consequence of the provided service. Similarly, the compliance with the legal provisions 15/1999, December 14, Personal Data Protection is ensured, as well as those provisions set out in the Royal Decree 1720/2007, December 21.

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